Part I: Getting Up to Speed

Chapter 1: Important Information

Section 1.1: License

Section 1.2: Disclaimer

Section 1.3: Where to Find Further Information

Section 1.4: Support

Chapter 2: Introduction

Section 2.1: About Electronic Engine Management

Section 2.2: About GenBoard

Section 2.3: The GenBoard Package and its Accessories

Section 2.4: Purchasing a v3 Unit

Section 2.5: Supported Engines

Chapter 3: Overview of Operation

Section 3.1: Theory

Section 3.2: Electrical Interface

Section 3.3: Peeking Inside

Section 3.4: Intro to Hexadecimal Numbering

Chapter 4: Installation, Upgrade and Maintenance

Section 4.1: Mechanical Installation

Section 4.2: Warnings

Section 4.3: Software Installation

Section 4.3.a: Basics.Install.Software.Perl

Section 4.3.b: Basics.Install.Software.Connecting

Section 4.3.c: Basics.Install.Software.Bootloader

Section 4.4: Upgrade

Part II: Detailed Instructions

Section 1: General Information

Section 3: Central Unit

Section 3.1: GenBoard

Section 3.1.a: Operation

Section 3.1.e: Tuning

Section 3.3: Computer Interface

Section 3.3.a: Operation

Section 3.3.b: Wiring

Section 3.3.f: Testing

Section 3.4: Keyboard

Section 3.4.a: Operation

Section 3.4.b: Wiring

Section 3.4.f: Testing

Section 3.5: LCD

Section 3.5.a: Operation

Section 3.5.b: Wiring

Section 3.5.d: Configuration

Section 4: Sensors

Section 4.1: Manifold Absolute Pressure

Section 4.1.b: Wiring

Section 4.1.c: Installation and Upgrade

Section 4.1.d: Configuration

Section 4.1.f: Testing and Monitoring

Section 4.2: Wide Band Oxygen

Section 4.2.a: Operation

Section 4.2.b: Wiring

Section 4.2.c: Installation and Upgrade

Section 4.2.d: Configuration

Section 4.2.e: Tuning

Section 4.2.f: Testing and Monitoring

Section 4.3: Narrow Band Oxygen

Section 4.3.a: Operation

Section 4.3.b: Wiring

Section 4.3.d: Configuration

Section 4.3.d: Tuning

Section 4.3.f: Testing and Monitoring

Section 4.4: Exhaust Gas Temperature

Section 4.4.a: Operation

Section 4.4.b: Wiring

Section 4.4.c: Sensor Mounting

Section 4.4.d: Configuration

Section 4.4.f: Testing and Monitoring

Section 4.5: Coolant Temperature

Section 4.5.a: Operation

Section 4.5.b: Wiring

Section 4.5.d: Configuration

Section 4.5.d: Tuning

Section 4.5.f: Testing and Monitoring

Section 4.6: Knock

Section 4.6.a: Operation

Section 4.6.b: Wiring

Section 4.6.c: Installation

Section 4.6.d: Configuration

Section 4.6.e: Tuning

Section 4.6.f: Testing and Monitoring

Section 4.7: RPM Trigger

Section 4.7.a: Operation

Section 4.7.b: Wiring

Section 4.7.c: Installation

Section 4.7.d: Configuration

Section 4.7.e: Tuning

Section 4.7.f: Testing and Monitoring

Section 5: Actuators and Output Drivers

Section 5.1: Fuel Delivery

Section 5.1.a: Operation

Section 5.1.b: Wiring

Section 5.1.d: Configuration

Section 5.1.e: Tuning

Section 5.1.f: Testing and Monitoring

Section 5.4: Boost Control

Section 5.4.a: Operation

Section 5.4.b: Wiring

Section 5.4.c: Installation and Upgrade

Section 5.4.d: Configuration

Section 5.4.e: Tuning

Section 5.4.f: Testing and Monitoring

Section 5.5: Stepper

Section 5.5.a: Operation

Section 5.5.b: Wiring

Section 5.5.c: Installation and Upgrade

Section 5.5.d: Configuration

Section 5.5.e: Tuning

Section 5.5.f: Testing and Monitoring

Section 5.6: Flyback

Section 5.6.a: Operation

Section 5.6.b: Wiring

Section 5.6.c: Installation and Upgrade

Section 5.6.d: Configuration

Section 5.6.e: Tuning

Section 5.6.f: Testing and Monitoring

Section 6: Control Mechanisms

Section 6.1: Alpha-N

Section 6.1.a: Operation

Section 6.1.b: Wiring

Section 6.1.c: Installation and Upgrade

Section 6.1.d: Configuration

Section 6.1.e: Tuning

Section 6.1.f: Testing and Monitoring

Section 6.2: VE Learn

Section 6.2.a: Operation

Section 6.2.b: Wiring

Section 6.2.c: Installation and Upgrade

Section 6.2.d: Configuration

Section 6.2.e: Tuning

Section 6.2.f: Testing and Monitoring

Section 6.3: Precise Idle Air Control

Section 6.3.a: Operation

Section 6.3.b: Wiring

Section 6.3.c: Installation and Upgrade

Section 6.3.d: Configuration

Section 6.3.e: Tuning

Section 6.3.f: Testing and Monitoring

Chapter 7: Ignition options

Section 7.1.a: Operation

Section 7.1.b: Wiring

Section 7.1.c: Installation and Upgrade

Section 7.1.d: Configuration

Section 7.1.e: Tuning

Section 7.1.e: Testing

Section 7.2: Wasted Spark

Section 7.2.a: Operation

Section 7.2.b: Wiring

Section 7.2.c: Installation and Upgrade

Section 7.2.d: Configuration

Section 7.2.e: Tuning

Section 7.2.f: Testing and Monitoring

Section 5.3: EDIS

Section 5.3.a: Operation

Section 5.3.b: Wiring

Section 5.3.c: Installation and Upgrade

Section 5.3.d: Configuration

Section 5.3.e: Tuning

Section 5.3.f: Testing and Monitoring

Part III: Appendices

Appendix 1: Glossary

Appendix 2: List of Tables

Appendix 3: List of Figures

Appendix 4: Menu map

Appendix 5: Parameters

Appendix 6: Configuration Examples

Appendix 7: Extensive Testing

Appendix 8: Useful World Wide Web Sites

Appendix 9: Index