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Section 2.3: The GenBoard Package and its Accessories

The VEMS market is literally worldwide. We currently have headquarters in Europe and the United States of America. Currently, orders are placed through a common website at and then the order is put together and sent out accordingly.

Each unit comes fully assembled with the few exceptions being developers and special requests. A fully assembled GenBoard will come with the following installed: 12 FETs (injector/high current drivers), 8 IGBTs (ignition drivers), and Econoseal III 36-pin and 18-pin automotive grade connectors. Each of these boards have been tested to make sure they have been assembled correctly. Wideband LSU4 sensors, EGT probes, engine harnesses, LCDs, Rescue Kits, spare parts, and other miscellaneous parts can also be purchased to make your installation complete.

Items commonly included for GenBoard/VerThree for max 8 cyl and WBO2: (note that configuration for less channels is easy in any case, and any of these items can be replaced by parts that you supply.)

Econoseal III and Alubos1600 casing option

This package makes the commonly used casing possible: exactly how GenBoard v3 was designed.

Note that EC36-harness and EC18-harness are possible instead of EC36-wire and EC18-wire for a little extra cost: if you don't want to crimp the receptacles yourself.

LCD and keyboard

Advanced options

Rescue kit #1

Rescue Kit #2

Added protection (eg. D14) for HALL trigger input setup. Update your printed list if you use some parts, so you can keep track. for more info

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