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Section 2.2: About GenBoard

The GenBoard v3 ECU is an open source, Do-It-Yourself, programmable controller that can be used for multiple applications. The primary and most popular use of the GenBoard is for Electronic Fuel Injection on internal combustion engines. The goal of this manual is to explain what is involved in using the GenBoard for use in an EFI system and to lead you through the construction, installation, programming, and tuning of this application.

The Versatile Engine Management Systems (VEMS) website is run by volunteers and is a vehicle for the research, design, and implementation of open source engine solutions that target performance, reliability, low cost, and versatility. It is also a vehicle of self-learning and fun.

Do-It-Yourself engine management became very popular around 2000 to 2001 with entry-level systems supporting batch injection only. VEMS took it to another level with the added functionality of sequential injection, direct ignition control, wideband oxygen monitoring, detonation detection, exhaust gas temperature monitoring, and the ability to expand.

While there is a large network of resources and people for helping you with the GenBoard use, you are ultimately responsible for any errors, problems, and subsequent damage that may occur to any engine running on GenBoard. You must read and understand this manual before starting your GenBoard project so that you may understand what is involved and successfully complete your GenBoard installation.

GenBoard v3 ECU Target Features

GenBoard v3 is the most advanced opensource engine management system ever designed. (open source means you can join the team, learn from it, add features). The firmware that was originally written for GenBoard/VerTwo (and running in daily drives since 2003 February) was extended so it supports the new design. V3 went through integration testing in February and March 2004, running real engines using ignition, injection, wide band oxygen sensor, stepper idle air control, LCD display, and table-tests. Everything works exactly as expected. Subsystems and most firmware code were tested earlier in the design phase.

GenBoard ECM and firmware features a very precise and very fast internal digital WBO2 controller that can be used for EGO correction in the full operating range, as well as wide open throttle (WOT). This feature is not available in any other opensource or reasonably priced ECM. The lambda (AFR) is fully mappable like the other tables (8x8 or 16x8); in practice, tuning to lambda-target is much easier, more precise and faster than raw VE that is required for simpler ECMs (95% on the market, and 100% below 1500 Euro). With the help of lambda-target the VE can be auto-learned. Fully mappable boost controller and individual-cylinder acoustic knock-detection (not available in any other opensource or reasonably priced ECM) are also nice features. Firmware support for some optional parts are still under development and testing, eg. the logging runtime data (without notebook or PDA, eg. in a racecar) into large capacity MMC disks for later analysis.

Assembled v3 Unit

GenBoard v3.x Resources and Specifications

MCU: AtMega128



Sensor inputs

Enclusure and connectors:

Versions : v3.0, v3.1, v3.2, v3.x

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